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Announcement 21.01

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGrSCmy36o0 Hello, guys, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to update You on our progress and share some exciting, big news. First, we successfully implemented technology to develop our metaverse mall stores directly from a website browser. This allows users to walk through a meta space and see ultra-realistic clothing, which will increase [...]

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Publication of Avatly’s White Paper and 2023 roadmap

Avatly is committed to transparent communications. This whitepaper summarizes all facets of the project, from our initial design to our final product. It will be updated document as the Avatly team develops, creates, tests and releases different elements of the Avatly's experience. Whitepaper Roadmap 2023 The white paper provides a detailed overview of our [...]

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Avatly is the World’s first Fashion&Art Metaverse

What is Avatly? Avatly is the World's first Fashion&Art Metaverse mall located on ultra-realistic virtual tropical islands. Users can create realistic avatars, collect NFT Art & Fashion, try on clothes, watch shows and earn or socialize in entertainment spaces with others who belong to the prestige community. Avatly is the first Metaverse colonized by [...]

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AVA met the Howey test (created by U.S. Supreme Court)

Ok, Houston we've good news! A legal opinion on the status of a token depends on the specific facts and circumstances regarding its creation, distribution, use and other relevant information. Generally speaking, tokens can be classified as securities or commodities depending upon their characteristics such as whether they are intended to represent an ownership [...]

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