What is Avatly?

Avatly is the World’s first Fashion&Art Metaverse mall located on ultra-realistic virtual tropical islands. Users can create realistic avatars, collect NFT Art & Fashion, try on clothes, watch shows and earn or socialize in entertainment spaces with others who belong to the prestige community. Avatly is the first Metaverse colonized by people connected with the passion for fashion and nft.

Metaverse Mall for Fashion and Art

Fashion &Art VR  in Avatly will be an immersive virtual reality experience that allows users to explore the world of the best brands fashion collections, designs and art. Users can interact with various elements within a 3D environment, such as 3D clothing items, accessories, fabric textures art NFT and more. They can also customize their look by trying on different outfits and styles in real time. Additionally, they have access to stylists to learn about the trends in the industry.

About Avatly Metaverse world

An immersive 3D world with beautiful islands, beaches, and lush jungles where you can live, buy a house or villa and socialize through a variety of activities. These include virtual events, such as 3D fashion shows, concerts and parties, interactive games and experiences, social spaces that allow people to meet up with friends or make new ones. Additionally, Avatly as a metaverse platform will allow for voice chat or real-time text messaging, giving users an opportunity to interact with one another in real time.


To allow users for these experiences NFTs will play a crucial role inside Avatly’s metaverse and ecosystem. It could range from fashion shows, art galleries to interactive gaming worlds and virtual reality simulations. In addition, Avatly would offer users an opportunity to learn new skills, collaborate with other users, build digital communities around shared interests, and even host events in their unique digital environments.