We are excited to announce the latest development in the world of virtual reality technology – the Avatly web browser metaverse boutiques. Our advanced platform introduces a new level of immersive experience for users across the globe. With the integration of VR mode, customers can test products in a unique and engaging way, making their online shopping experience more realistic and enjoyable.

Today, we successfully tested our VR mode for the first time on Oculus, and we are pleased to report that it exceeded our expectations. The first concept we introduced is the Nike Boutique concept, and we were impressed with how realistic the VR view was. Users can now view the products from all angles and see them in motion, allowing them to make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure that our web metaverse boutique is efficient, seamless, and easy to use. We are continually testing options related to changing of clothes, materials, variants, and colors. Our platform’s flexibility allows users to move freely around the entire Boutique and navigate directly to the store to see more details and, of course, purchase the product they desire.

We understand that online shopping can be monotonous, making it challenging for users to decide on the right product. With the integration of VR mode, we believe we have found a solution to this problem, and we want to share this experience with our customers.

We invite everyone to participate in this incredible VR experience and explore the world of online shopping like never before. Our VR mode will be available on various online stores soon, and we cannot wait to hear about your experience.

Thank you for choosing Avatly Project.