Fashion brands Metaverse spaces Fashion brands Metaverse spaces In Avatly mall, fashion retailers and brands can have their own virtual spaces, designed to provide an immersive shopping experience. Our interior design team works really hard to ensure that each space meets the expectations of our partners. Excitement is building, and we can't wait to share more with [...]

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Avatly Metaverse NFT Villas – coming soon NFT Avatly Metaverse villas - coming soon. We're thrilled to announce that Avatly NFT Metaverse Villas are on the horizon and will be arriving soon. Whether you're looking for a dreamy getaway, a stylish hangout, or a place to call your own in the digital realm, these villas will be the epitome of [...]

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Integration WEB 3.0 into Avatly metaverse Today, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking integration. Say hello to the future because we've integrated WEB 3.0 into Avatly metaverse. What does this mean for our future users? It means that your Avatly NFTs, whether they represent an island, property, or any other piece of this digital paradise, are more than [...]

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The future of fashion shopping The future of fashion shopping is going to transform more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 20. Fashion has always been an expression of individuality and a reflection of cultural trends. From the iconic fashion houses of the past to the fast-paced fashion industry of today. Nowadays designers [...]

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Avatly is the World’s first Fashion&Art Metaverse

What is Avatly? Avatly is the World's first Fashion&Art Metaverse mall located on ultra-realistic virtual tropical islands. Users can create realistic avatars, collect NFT Art & Fashion, try on clothes, watch shows and earn or socialize in entertainment spaces with others who belong to the prestige community. Avatly is the first Metaverse colonized by [...]

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AVA met the Howey test (created by U.S. Supreme Court)

Ok, Houston we've good news! A legal opinion on the status of a token depends on the specific facts and circumstances regarding its creation, distribution, use and other relevant information. Generally speaking, tokens can be classified as securities or commodities depending upon their characteristics such as whether they are intended to represent an ownership [...]

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