Progressive burning & rewards

The most engaged investors will be rewarded with our revolutionary anti-inflation burning & rewards system. They will also impact the deflation of the AVA token by holding tokens for a specified period.

How does our progressive
burning & rewards system work?

The system checks your AVA balance every day and will transfer your rewards based on the average balance for a given period, but the balance in a given period cannot decrease, it can only be increased, i.e. you cannot sell or transfer AVA from the wallet. The initial balance must be a minimum of 1 AVA. For example, a wallet that bought 1M AVA on day 1 and will not reduce balance (will not sell or transfer AVA) within 1 month, will receive a reward of 3% (36% APY) of the average balance for the first holding period (within 7 days). Rewards will be transferred in weekly pools. The situation will look adequate for next periods, i.e. 3 months 10% (40% APY), 6 months 22% (44% APY), 12 months 50% (50% APY), etc. CEX wallets not included.