Executive summary

Avatly is building the metaverse experience to provide users with the ability to create and explore hyper-realistic paradise, while also providing access to a variety of experiences that are tailored specifically for each individual user. 

The latest technologies give us the opportunity to transform the fast, centralized nature of web2 into something more personalized and profound.

Technological advances in hardware, software and game development, as well as the emergence of blockchain technology, allow us to create experience-focused project on a previously unimaginable scale.

Avatly will seize the opportunity to build the web3 experience by creating a uniquely hyper-realistic platform that combines fashion, art, gaming, personal development, storytelling, digital NFT goods creation, metahumans and brand presence.

NFT goods such as real estate plots, islands, houses, boats, yachts or 3D clothes will be available through Avatly and other marketplaces that specialize in NFTs with variety of different options for buyers to choose from, including auctions and direct sales.

The most important features

  • Users can create an ultra-realistic avatar using the Avatly app based on the best 3D gaming engine, Unreal Engine 5

  • User’s avatars can be used in Avatly metaverse 3D experience eg. runway, lifestyle activities and virtual try-on.
  • Users can buy 3D goods such as clothes for virtual use (NFTs) or real clothes through integrated e-commerce stores.
  • Avatly Metaverse mall marketplace will be dedicated for fashion brands and 3D designers.

“Our Metaverse project is something the fashion industry has never seen before.” CEO Avatly