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We colonize the metaverse tropical world by creating NFT island properties and plots in our tropical paradise. Each NFT is a confirmation of ownership of a plot, island, clothing design, real estate, luxury boat, or even a yacht in Avatly metaverse.

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Project Info

Avatly is committed to transparent communication. This whitepaper summarizes all facets of the project, from our initial design to our final product. It will be updated document as the Avatly team develops, creates, tests and releases different elements of the Avatly’s experience.
The white paper provides a detailed overview of our project, services, and solutions. It explains how Avatly change the fashion industry and outlines the benefits that you can expect from investing in Avatly. The whitepaper also explores the industry trends, competitive landscape and market conditions that make Avatly a perfect solution for businesses in today’s digital economy.
We provide key insights into how to maximize value from 3D technology. In 2023, we will be providing more detailed content on the metaverse and our progress toward meeting our goals. We hope this whitepaper will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we offer so that you can make informed decisions about your investments. If there is anything else we can do to support you, please let us know!

Executive Summary

Avatly is building the metaverse experience to provide users with the ability to create and explore hyper-realistic paradise, while also providing access to a variety of experiences that are tailored specifically for each individual user.
The latest technologies give us the opportunity to transform the fast, centralized nature of web2 into something more personalized and profound.
Technological advances in hardware, software and game development, as well as the emergence of blockchain technology, allow us to create experience-focused project on a previously unimaginable scale.
Avatly will seize the opportunity to build the web3 experience by creating a uniquely hyper-realistic platform that combines fashion, art, gaming, personal development, storytelling, digital NFT goods creation, metahumans and brand presence.
NFT goods such as real estate plots, islands, houses, boats, yachts or 3D clothes will be available through Avatly and other marketplaces that specialize in NFTs with variety of different options for buyers to choose from, including auctions and direct sales.

The most important features
  • Users can create an ultra-realistic avatar using the Avatly app based on the best 3D gaming engine, Unreal Engine 5

  • User’s avatars can be used in Avatly metaverse 3D experience eg. runway, lifestyle activities and virtual try-on.

  • Users can buy 3D goods such as clothes for virtual use (NFTs) or real clothes through integrated e-commerce stores.

  • Avatly Metaverse mall marketplace will be dedicated for fashion brands and 3D designers.

The biggest e-commerce market

Fashion, the most popular of all

The latest figures on the top online shopping categories rank fashion as the most popular category of all internet purchases. Consumers spent $759.5 bilion worldwide of the total eCommerce expenditure on fashion-related products in 2021. That’s 27.9 percent of the expected eCommerce revenue worldwide in 2021, which stands at $2.7 trillion. Simply put, more than one in every four dollars spent by consumers online this year is spent on fashion.

Metaverse Mindset

As consumers spend more time online and the hype around the metaverse continues to cascade into virtual goods, fashion leaders will unlock new ways of engaging with high-value, younger consumers. To capture untapped value streams, players should explore the potential of nonfungible tokens, gaming and virtual fashion — all of which offer fresh paths to creativity, community-building, and commerce.

*The State of Fashion 2022 Mckinsey

Avatly connects best.dots

Mall location

On a tropical island, in the middle of paradise, because we believe Avatly should be built in the most beautiful place within the metaverse.

We were inspired to build our mall in the shape of a diamond because diamonds are a symbol of independence, wealth and exclusivity.

Avatly mall design

We designed our mall to be approximately 300 000 sqm across three floors. We also designed entertainment spaces for users who want to have a good time without shopping, such as, fashion shows, VR parties.

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Our virtual retail spaces are designed for the metaverse fashion shopping experience and can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs of each of our Partners.

Our interior design team works on different projects of virtual spaces to fulfill the needs of various and selective brands.

Avatly app

Users will create their measured ultra-realistic avatar using Avatly app based on the best 3D gaming engines.

Avatars will be used for virtual try-on in Avatly metaverse spaces and 3D catwalks.

Users will buy clothes in a 3D version for virtual use or real clothes by classic e-commerce.

Metaverse 3D boutiques will be integrated with e-commerce and dedicated for premium fashion brands and designers.

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Avatly provides technology to easily create, collect and trade unique NFTs

We colonize the metaverse tropical world by creating NFT island properties and plots in our tropical paradise. Each NFT is a confirmation of ownership of a plot, island, clothing design, real estate, luxury boat, or even a yacht.

Users can create an ultra-realistic NFT avatar, customize it, buy NFT clothes and sell it in the NFT marketplace.

Business model

Revenue streams from advertising and affiliates services for brands.

CPS – cost per sale (Amazon, eBay)

CPC – cost per click (Google, Facebook)

CPM – cost per mile (email database/segmentation)

CPT – cost per try-on (Avatly unique profits model)

Company services

Metaverse ready garments production for digital presence across all channels.

Creating 3D boutiques and stores for brands and fashion retailers.

Design of ultra-realistic models and user avatars production

Delivering e-commerce integration, including preparing fashion products assets for Metaverse’s experience.

Metaverse Fashion Show production includes details such as runway, sound, color, light, camera angle, catwalk, and virtual TOP models.

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AVATLY is a token that is built for utility. The token will be used within the Avatly ecosystem, that includes ads transactions, user activities and rewards in Avatly.

We developed the AVATLY token on the Ethereum network to ensure that our project is scalable and that investors of every size can partake. We believe in inclusivity, decentralization, and efficiency, which is why we will launch our public listing on Uniswap. Ultimately this project will be an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Avatly was approved by the US based company leading in smart contract security audits.

Token flow model

Metaverse: Services available under the Avatly offer, including e-commerce commissions, will be paid by customers only in the AVATLY token.

Progressive Rewards: Holders will be rewarded by AVATLY token.

CEX listings: Easy access for utility token investors with a unique business model.

Premium events: Tokens give access to Premium events and memberships including shopping discounts and pre-sales.

Progressive Burning: Revolutionary anti-inflation burning system.

Buyback & Burn: Quarterly Buyback & Burn (100% of company profits will be spent on buying tokens from the market and burned). This strategy makes AVATLY token hyper-deflationary.

Progressive staking system

The reward system is available and it involves voluntary staking from a fixed pool of 15-30 million AVATLY tokens, which is allocated for 24 months.

How does progressive staking works? To enjoy the rewards, you just need to use the contract provided in the link below.


You have the option to unsubscribe at any time. There are no restrictions on holding tokens.



The strategy assumes reaching the widest possible group of users using a mobile application, the development of which will be performed first, the assets and functionalities created in this way will be used for the rest of the development of the entire Avatly World.

The functionality of the application will enable the user to design clothes and publish them on social networks.

It is natural that the scenery of the application will be located in the Avatly Mall.

Its primary goal is to bring as much traffic as possible to the shopping center filled with Fashion partners in the mean time.

This strategy results from many business conversations with Fashion partners and large global brands, in which they clearly indicate that they will be happy to place their virtual boutique in our gallery, but there must be traffic.

Q1 2024
  • UX Design

  • Application Core

  • Server site processess

Q2 2024
  • Avatar config

  • Base set of cloth

  • Core functionalities dev

Q3 2024
  • Full functionalities dev

  • Beta testing

  • Beta Release

Q4 2024
  • Alpha Release

  • Marketing events

  • Start Perfomarketing

Q1 2025
  • VR Version

  • First Partners

  • Setup shopping process

Q2 2025
  • Metaverse marketplace

  • PC Version

  • Social Improvements